Laughter From The Planet Earth

Sep 22, 2022

Hello, Sunshine. It’s good to see you. This first poem reflects the essence of OFF THE WALL. What are we if we can’t laugh? Laughter is what makes human beings unique in the universe. Let’s celebrate it.

On Planet
Earth laughter is a curious
thing, don’t you think? We seek laughter.
It’s part of our makeup. It completes our neurons.
It adds colour to our language. Laughter — it’s a system
of catharsis, pure bliss, a medicine, an elixir. It’s a natural skill
(a habit really) which happens like sleeping. It emerges the moment
we stop trying. Like a dimmer switch slowly lighting — sometimes like
a sun burst. I wonder how many laughs added up, if the whole planet were
measured? How many moments of the day do we break out in cackles and
crowing? How many chortles? How many guffaws? How many whoops?
How much snorting and roaring? Surely the airwaves would be filled. If we
Earthlings are known out there in space, it could be for our Laughing Planet.
We are the ones who can’t get through a day without bursts of insanity.
Curious, odd species to render ourselves helpless, seeking out a mirthful
loss of control, a momentary self-debilitating, destabilizing moment.
Our hoo-hoo-hoo’s and ha-ha-ha’s echo — suggesting we’re
addicted. We must have our fix. Does this expose a
weakness? An Earthling foible? Maybe. Yet, laughter
could be our greatest gift to an otherwise chilly,
impassive Cosmos.

Reading from OFF THE WALL by Neil Garvie, ISBN: 9798210464040