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Derek Peach’s Review of Mother Nature Eats Her Kind

Neil continues to draw inspiration from the natural world without indulgent sentimentality, knowing “Mother Nature has no mind /or conscience. She eats her kind,” but with a passionate conviction that he must answer the question his mentor, Chief Dan George proposes: “Have I done all that I can to keep the forest? Have I kept the air fresh as your day?”

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Mother Nature Eats Her Kind

Mother Nature Eats Her Kind is Neil’s second environmental book of poetry.

Mother Nature is pounding at our door. The question is not whether she will survive. The question is, will we?
The choice is still in our hands.

Silence Craves a Voice

Days of empire-building, while ignoring the needs of Mother Nature are gone. This poetry anthology pulls no punches, offering real images of nature which touch on the disturbing. But the book is also mindful of those whose hearts are heavy from the constant pounding by messages about human-caused destruction and irreversible damage to our natural environment. Presented in strikingly varied poetic styles and forms it is a must-read with an important message to hold strong and not lose hope.