Other Side of the Moon

December 15, 2023

OTHER SIDE OF THE MOON is a collection of poetry and prose about wonder. Every human has it – an innate curiosity to understand what makes our world, what makes the Universe, what makes us.

True, the book is about the Moon and the far side. But it’s also about human awareness, space exploration, science, language, art, dreams and self-awareness. It dares to address some heady topics usually saved for scholars. It takes a stab at the big questions — a cheeky look at things from an average person’s perspective. It confronts the notion that the big topics are too big for people like you and me to
understand. Remember, what one human can do, so can another. Am I right or am I right? So, that said, you are invited to delve into the unknown — join in the  wonder, dare to ask the questions, dare to imagine the answers. It’s your birthright.

Other Side of the Moon

Soft cover | 112 pages | $15.00

ISBN: 9798210699275