Silence Craves A Voice

by neil garvie

Days of empire-building, while ignoring the needs of Mother Nature are gone. This poetry anthology pulls no punches, offering real images of nature which touch on the disturbing. But the book is also mindful of those whose hearts are heavy from the constant pounding by messages about human-caused destruction and irreversible damage to our natural environment. Presented in strikingly varied poetic styles and forms it is a must-read with an important message to hold strong and not lose hope.

While best known for his educational research papers and social-environmental articles, Neil Garvie is still the boy of his childhood wandering into the bush at every opportunity to discover gooseberry patches, garter snakes and dragonflies. Join him in a quest to hear the Silence.

Mother Nature Eats Her Kind

Alive with images of the natural world (both beautiful and brutal),
Neil Garvie reveals the worldly rhythms within which we are intrinsically entwined and connected.

Natalie Nickerson, Comox Valley Poet Laureate (2017-2019)