Swirling Switches

Oct 26, 2021

in the farkle swirling switches
withered wrinkles, slithered stitches
stir the gurgle, furl the knot
mix the burgle, burling pot

round the crooked fangle dangle
screeching dance, the ghoulish tangle
twirling circles, frolicked squares
eyes of ferals, devil dares

royal squires of the night
wizards squander, warlocks bite
smoggle-master, froggle-blaster
curve the angle, fleeting faster

churning, burning in the night
ghouls of evil, shades of fright
in the pot the clingy coggles
whip the cauldron, twist the toggles

out of blackness flashing white
round the dance, the switches fright
hurry, scurry to the door
unlatch the bolt, un-creak the floor

dropping swift into the bag
candy rope around the snag
kisses wrapped in waxen boggles
payment made with offkey floggles

away the sponging, swirling switches
withered wrinkles, slithered stitches