OFF THE WALL by neil garvie

Jesus & Mary & Moses & Me

Here’s a playful piece — having fun with some familiar Biblical characters. Inserting myself
with very good company in JESUS & MARY & MOSES & ME.

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Crumpled Pink Roses

If you write, you’ll likely know the
experience of waking up in the night and trying to record some good thought in the darkness before losing the flow. Ah, but the rub is, trying to make sense of it the next morning.

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Laughter From The Planet Earth

Hello, Sunshine. It’s good to see you. This first poem reflects the essence of OFF THE WALL. What are we if we can’t laugh? Laughter is what makes human beings unique in the universe. Let’s celebrate it.

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What I Know of Me

Carol Garvie’s retrospective about growing up in the 1950s, imprisoned by an inability to speak.

She goes beyond the superficial, delving deep into those early years. She shares insights with hopes of exposing the cause of her speech impairment. The question as to why she faltered has remained a mystery — until now. Join her as she tells her story.


Neil Garvie’s fourth book of prose and poetry.

Some say there should be no humour in poetry. OFF THE WALL disputes this claim. The author warns (with tongue in cheek) that reading too much somber content can cause a myriad of life-interfering afflictions such as dreary-drabitis, ho-humdrumysm and stickinthemudica.

Fortunately, Neil has an answer. The best solution is to reach for a book of wit and humour. If you haven’t got one on your shelf, may we recommend OFF THE WALL.

other books by
n e i l   g a r v i e


JIGSAW, Neil’s third book, represents a poetic sharing by the author. Selections are from decades of piecing together his own puzzle. The book is offered to the reader in a colourful variation of poetic styles as the author describes a world of breakdown and recovery, making the reading experience in human terms, saving the reader from having to wade through psychological and medical terminology.

Mother Nature Eats Her Kind

Mother Nature Eats Her Kind is Neil’s second environmental book of poetry.

Mother Nature is pounding at our door. The question is not whether she will survive. The question is, will we?
The choice is still in our hands.

Silence Craves a Voice

Days of empire-building, while ignoring the needs of Mother Nature are gone. This poetry anthology pulls no punches, offering real images of nature which touch on the disturbing. But the book is also mindful of those whose hearts are heavy from the constant pounding by messages about human-caused destruction and irreversible damage to our natural environment. Presented in strikingly varied poetic styles and forms it is a must-read with an important message to hold strong and not lose hope.